A not-noisy echo in 1000 hills…

This year 2020 has been the most difficult with the pandemic surge of Covid-19, many measures have been taken to tackle its spread in our country, including social-distancing, handwashing, and most importantly a shift to a “digital life” with e-meetings, e-payments, e-learning …

From a collaboration between Rwandan’s Ministry of Trade, Ministry of ICT and Innovation, and Rwanda’s ICT chamber, our shipping system inumastore.com has been listed among the best e-commerce platforms “you can trust in Rwanda”. Again allow us to reintroduce Inumastore.com, The shipping system everyone has been asking for, It’s your nearest shop with many products at all price ranges, it’s global, borderless, and cashless, it’s an e-commerce unlike other e-commerces, it creates dreams.

More info at https://twitter.com/rwictchamber/status/1321776649717927936

The e-Yellow e-Payment shines #safely.

Inuma Technology Ltd has always been committed to delivering its best to our customers and what’s safe is “gold”. We have taken measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 for our staff and beloved customers we serve every day. MTN Rwanda has helped us to enhance e-payments, from now we will be receiving payments through the portal *182*8*1*005513# and it’s free of charge, we will not ignore other payment options like banks deposits or online payments MasterCard or PayPal.

Email: [email protected]

Phone : +250780785348

Office: Rubangura House (Underground Floor-Door 108), Downtown, Kigali-Rwanda.