Get a never-seen-before 5% commission,…

Starting from today, we are happy to introduce a “5% commission” to all our beloved customers. How does it work? For returning customers, we will be offering them a 5% return on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th purchase. Like when you want to buy the new trending PlayStation 5 on your second purchase, it’s now at 610,000 Rwf, and you will be refunded with 5% of the price; 30,500 Rwf precisely.

Tell this your friends, Bring your friends; our obsession at Inuma Technology Ltd is to offer a daily honeymoon to our customers; the newest 5% commission goes beyond your next purchase; de facto when you bring your friend or your refer him to our, you will also get 5% of his/her purchase.

No More “X” or “V” marks on your calendar, It’s really fast!

A few years ago, when we started, our vision was to create an ambitious service that could link major stores in the USA like Amazon, eBay, Google, Apple store, Lenovo, and many others with Kigali, Rwanda and more than 100 destinations worldwide. And most importantly to “secure” and “fasten” the delivery services, which we made up to 7-14 days.

We have completed more than 300 deliveries, for us, this is more than a milestone; we are helping people to reach markets that they couldn’t before. Customers are amazed by; Mr. Sergino B. quoted “Fastest shipping plus very good customer care!!!.”, and Mr. Cyiza T. added “Exquisite service.”. Customer satisfaction is our DNA, and what’s more, we go the extra mile. No more “X” or “V” marks on your calendar, is really fast.

N.B: An Invoice attesting your last purchase will be required in order to get this new 5% commission for your next move with us.

Email: [email protected]

Phone : +250780785348

Office: Rubangura House (Underground Floor-Door 108), Downtown, Kigali-Rwanda.