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I remember back in 2019 when we were drafting inumastore.com from the ground-up; one of my colleagues here at Inuma Technology Ltd pointed out the importance of uniqueness our shipping service inumastore.com has to have, and that uniqueness will have to make inumastore.com like a shipping service unlike any shipping service…” dixit Joseph Manigaba, Product Manager of Inumastore.com.

Cupertino-California, Tuesday 14th September 2021; Apple released its latest flagships the iPhone 13 series “The More Pro than ever” themed the industry. A couple of hours later we opened the iPhone 13 series pre-order on inumastore.com.

Pre-orders are not new to inumastore.com, we have been applying them since the beginning of the shipping service as part of our uniqueness along with other surprising particularities, we made them so that our customers can have access to the latest and newest products from the industries like Apple, Google, Lenovo, and others. Coming next on Pre-order is the Google Pixel 6 available later this fall.

Curious, Tempted, Surprised, and Beaming… were emotions felt by our customers upon seeing the iPhone 13 pre-orders, we are overjoyed to always surprise them into the light” added Joseph Manigaba.

A customer’s Hug, Printing love & Trust.

Shop from Amazon

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“When we get an opportunity to listen to our customers which we do as much as possible; They have a lot to share their feedbacks, their voices, their thoughts, their emotions; all of these motivate us.” Albert Niyibizi, Head of Sales, Marketing and Global Partnership.

Here is what our customer Aissa Cyiza said on delivery of her daughter’s tablet from inumastore.com.

I want to thank Inuma Technology for the best service ever. I trusted them the time I wanted a tablet to gift my little girl on her Nursery graduation, I wasn’t sure that it will be here at the exact time. But you know what? It was even there before the D- day. The same tablet that I have ordered, the right time and well delivered. Thank you…”

We are happy that inumastore.com is making all moments small and big so enjoyable, printing love and trust to our customers.

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Phone : +250780785348

Office: Rubangura House (Underground Floor-Door 108), Downtown, Kigali-Rwanda.