Pay as you wish it ,Pay as you dream it


Listening to a customer’s feedback and request has been at the center of how Inuma Technology Ltd thinks, works, and progresses for a while; and now we are thrilled to announce that starting this July 2021, we will allow everyone to pay as he/she wishes when ordering products from USA stores (Amazon,eBay, Apple, Google,…) with

Joseph Manigaba, Product Manager of said “some days ago, we met incredible customers with interesting stories, so excited about buying products here on but struggle with paying the 100% of the price in a single click or a snap of a finger.”

Here at Inuma Technology Ltd, we strongly believe that there should be no barriers, no worries, and no distractions to a customer wishing to buy his products at “Pay as you wish” feature will permit everyone to buy and pay in installments either weekly or monthly.’s conditions and services will still be applied, and a personal agreement will be made between the customer and our office.

Pay as you wish, is our latest feature drop regarding our service delivery, now you can pay 40% of the price in the first month,40% next month, and later you catch up with the remaining 20% at the product delivery.Now I’m confident enough to say that is crafted for customers, and prices won’t distract anyone. Many other options of installments will be available too depending on the customer’s needs.” quoted Joseph Manigaba, Product manager.

Google,Apple,Lenovo;Sesame ouvre-toi!

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Made for wholesales and everyone, recently expanded its capabilities, and now it is now diving deep with USA stores specifically Google, Apple, Lenovo, and many others, all the products from these stores are available not only the so-known like iPhones are for Apple, Laptops are for Lenovo or the pixel phones are for Google, but the whole ecosystem made by the industry and what is more important is that we are now delivering invoices which are “signed and stamped” by the industry or the store to our customers. Divin Shema,Deputy director at added “Inumastore has made another step into providing an originality in its service delivery.”

Really smart, and so trustable” dixit Angelos Ntegerejimana, Customer at and Google Pixel 2Xl owner.

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