MANSCAPED® The Crop Cleanser, Men’s All-In-One Invigorating Hair and Body Wash, Refreshing Shower Gel For Men, Male Care…


CROP CLEANSER – A luxurious and nourishing menâ€s hair and body wash that will cleanse, moisturize, and invigorate all your dudely parts from head to toe, ball to ball, and end zone to end zone. Itâ€s loaded with cooling Aloe vera and refreshing sea salt to balance and control your bodyâ€s natural skin oil, keeping your hair, skin, and of course, balls, perfectly hydrated and sophisticatedly scented. Shower with Crop Cleanser to refresh, reinvigorate, and reboot your hair, and body.
HOW TO USE – Crop Cleanser is perfect to use before and after body trimming or for your everyday shower. For shampooing, pump 1-2 squirts into your hands and lather up your hair, luxuriating in that crisp, man-friendly scent. For a body wash, pump a few times into a washcloth, and give your body a good, energetic scrubbing, feeling the sea salt as it removes dead skin and freshly trimmed hairs, leaving your skin feeling clean, smooth, and invigorated.
MISSION – Crop Cleanserâ€s mission is a simple one: to cleanse your body crops well. Really well. If YOUR mission is to attract a mate who doesnâ€t want a partner who smells musty, use Crop Cleanser to wash every single crack and crevice on your body.