Moukey USB 3.0 Audio Interface, Microphone Preamps with 48V Phantom Power, 24 Bit, Support Smartphone, Tablet, Computer…


48kHz/24-bit: As an entry-level audio processor, the 48kHz/24-bit recording format ensures lower noise and achieves high-quality audio reproduction, meeting the key functions required by contemporary music and producers. Newly designed microphone preamplifier with +48V phantom power (only need to be turned on when using condenser microphones)
Smart phone/tablet computer live broadcast: In order to cater to the modern live broadcast environment, our company has produced a 3.5mm audio output interface (please bring your own conversion cable), which is convenient for you to use your mobile phone or tablet computer to live broadcast anytime and anywhere.
USB3.0: The new USB3.0 interface is adopted, which greatly improves the transmission speed with the computer and reduces the loss rate when recording audio.

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