Samson C01 Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone for Recording Vocals, Acoustic Instruments, Overhead Drums Bundle with…


REPRODUCES AUDIO ACCURATELY – The Samson C01 Mic features a large 19mm capsule with an ultra-thin 3-micron diaphragm. Its extended 40Hz-18kHz frequency ensures accurate reproduction of vocals, acoustic instruments, and overhead drums.
ISOLATES UNWANTED AMBIENT NOISE – The hyper-cardioid polar pattern offers an excellent side-to-side rejection. It picks up more of the sound source you want and rejects the background audio.
OFFERS VERSATILE CLOSE-MIKING APPLICATIONS – You can use the C01 mic when recording vocals and acoustic guitars. It can handle up to 136dB SPL so it works well with overhead cymbals/drums too.