When a Lioness Hunts (A Lion’s Pride)


What happens when a lioness with dubious accounting practices gets involved with an auditor for the Internal Revenue Service?How was Melly supposed to know she shouldn’t claim illegal ammo on her taxes? So what if she took a few liberties with the term “allowable expenses”? Her creative accounting is why the IRS ends up on her doorstep. Lucky for her, they sent the cutest geek in glasses. The kind that tempts a girl to fling them clear across the room that she might better maul him.Silly man thinks he can play hard to get. Doesn’t he know a lioness always gets what she wants? Problem is, Theo sees more than he’s supposed to. Worse, he poses a threat to the pride.Can she distract him from the truth, or will his digging force her to assume her role of huntress?

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